Refuge of Hope Apostolic Church, Inc.

ROHAC along with DBH Prophetic Ministry

Refuge of Hope Apostolic Church, Inc.

Bishop Dr. Daniel B. Hinton, The Apostle / Presiding Prelate

Elect Lady Belinda Lane-Hinton

National Ministry and Covering

P O Box 212

Rockwell, NC 28138

Bishop's office: (203) 34-ROHAC (76422)

Bishop's cell: (203) 984-8510

Bishop's email:

Bishop's admin:


Cathedral of Praise C.O.G.I.C, International

Archbishop John C. White- Spiritual Covering/Father 
Lady Gloria White- Covering Mother

45 JC White Blvd.
Bridgeport, CT 06604
Church office: 203.384-9471

Rock of Hope Ministries

Bishop Clyde A. Witherspoon, Sr. Pastor / 1st Vice Bishop

Lady Toni Witherspoon, Pastor

5240 S. R. 206 West

Hastings, Florida 32145

(904) 347-5357

Lifting Up Holy Hands for Christ

Apostle Marionette Watkins, Sr. Pastor / 2nd Vice Bishop

700 Forest Street

Dover, DE 19904

(302) 730-4840

Anointed Tabernacle Ministries

Apostle Austin E. McFarlin, Sr. Pastor
Lady Renee McFarlin, Asst. Pastor

502 Saw Mill Road, Rear 
West Haven, CT 

Beacon Light House Ministries

Dr. Myrtle Scott, Sr. Pastor  

P O Box 346

Camden, DE 19934

(302) 678-0634

Rose of Sharon Ministries

Apostle Elizabeth Dukes, Overseer
Bishop James Hinton, Pastor

652 Glenbrook Road
Stamford, CT 06901