Refuge of Hope Apostolic Church, Inc.

ROHAC along with DBH Prophetic Ministry

Dr. D. B. Hinton, The Apostle/Prophet/Prelate

On August 04, 1972, in Stamford, Connecticut an important event happened. It was the birth of Daniel B. Hinton. His parents, the late Trustee James E. Hinton Sr. and the late Overseer Bettie L. D. Hinton; both knew his birth was something special, but at that time never knew he would carry a ministry that would reach thousands.

Daniel, the middle child of three, grew up in Connecticut. His beloved mother, who was a national speaker, teacher, revivalist and prophetess, knew she had to instill something as well. What greater than the legacy of her God-given gifts, trickling down to her son; who is known today as the ‘The Bald Head Prophet’.

After graduating from high school Daniel attended the Technical Career Institute College in New Haven, CT. In December of 1991, he accepted his calling to the ministry under the leadership of the late Honorable Bishop C. E. Mouning and preached his first sermon, “A Leap of Faith,” a powerful Sunday sermon that inspired, and changed the lives of young men.

In 1992, with the guidance of his spiritual mother, the late Evangelist Irene Harris and spiritual father Bishop Mathew Barber, he began to learn, meditate and seek God for "The Master's Plan". During 1992 and 1993 this master plan lead him to reside under the leadership of two powerful men of God in Chicago, Illinois. Under their world-renowned ministry he was blessed to gain more wisdom and understanding. These two men, Apostle Billy Wonders and Dr. Randolph Moore would plead dominion and wisdom over his life and instill knowledge, wisdom and the teaching of the five fold ministry gifts.

In 1995 the Lord would allow the Prophet to travel around the United States preaching on venues along with great leaders such as; Bishop Alvin Crone, Apostle Huie Rogers, Prophet Brian Moore and the late Bishop David Ellis. This would be known to him as the key to The Master's Plan- to preach, teach, revive, heal, and prophesy.

In spring of 2006 the Prophet inhered to his calling and was consecrated to the office of the Bishopric. Bishop Hinton shows his leadership to the reformation as the Presiding Prelate of the Refuge of Hope Apostolic Church, Inc. Although his schedule is very busy Bishop is a proud entrepreneur of 3 successful businesses and also received his Doctorates of Divinity in November of 2010. In March of 2014 Hinton connected with His Eminence Archbishop John C. White, the Presiding Prelate of Church of God In Christ International to gain mentor-ship and fathering. With the blessings of his Spiritual Father and much council from Apostles' in the region such as Apostle Elizabeth Dukes, Apostle Austin E. McFarlin and a long time family friend Chief Apostle Timothy Johnson; on April 9 2016, Dr. D.B. Hinton was commissioned and affirmed to the Apostleship. Today with his lovely bride and partner by his side (Belinda) Apostle remains focused and determined to do the will of the Lord.

Bishop Dr. Hinton's favorite scripture is- II Kings 2:23 Go up thou bald head; go up!!

Oh, How I Love Jesus
Rev. James Moore (It Ain't Over (Till God Says It's Over))